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GreenFellas Garden Fencing in North London

12 - Feb - 2015

GreenFellas Fencing North London provides garden fences and fence installations.

Fence Installation

Fence Installation North London

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GreenFellas Fence Installation Service

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Gone are the days where fencing was considered for meager security which had been continued for centuries and today a new dimension with the innovation means fencing adds style, elegance and sophistication to the area. Fence Service can be applied to the garden space, homes, pools and is also a striking addition for the front elevation. It adds privacy along with the security.

When you consider the ultimate of fencing it should mean one of the leading brands across UK with the establishment for over 15 years. The GreenFellas Fence installation North London is the suppliers of leading brand fences which includes a wide variety.


GreenFellas emerges with something novel and innovative which is quite different from anything that is generally available in the market. The quality, design and the clever co-ordination makes it an extraordinary performer. The brand stands distinguished with its products as the design, quality and engineering keeps getting better and improved with every model change.

The finish and the color make it quite unique which can be blended with any style of homes. GreenFellas North London Fence Installation seems to enforce its own style with compendium which results in offering distinguished and unique set of products. The products supplied and installed by this brand are:

Greenfellas offers this revolutionary type of fencing which gives utmost protection to the garden. It also keeps the area protected from unauthorized entering. They are protected in a way and also encourage a perfect landscape adding more pride to the owners.

Close board fencing - This type is available with GreenFellas which is more a traditional kind of fencing which claims to be stronger and durable compared to the other styles. The time consumption for installation is more which is one prime con experienced. They are worked with single boards and installed with the perfect support.

Trellis fencing - Another interesting type available with this brand is trellis fencing which is a scenic and most attractive of its kind which gives a magnificent appearance once the visitor enters the space. It also adds up to the formal appearance of the space.

Overlap fencing - This type of fencing increases the privacy and they are extremely closely knitted. It is durable and is also highly protected from the aliens.

Feather edge fencing - Although simple by looks its modesty combines with strength and durability. The brand offers an interesting range of design in this segment. This overlaps the board vertically with the horizontal rails.

Picket fencing - These are a whole range of traditional type with has wooden pales that are attached to the pales in certain intervals. This range has different styles and GreenFellas as a brand of innovation makes it distinguished with the touch of unique finish.

With the ample options to select the gallery page of the brand also makes it convenient for the user to choose from the options. The stupendous performance of each of the fencing design points out the efficiency of the brand. Maintaining the garden space becomes interesting and they give a new and secured look which is great to spend time with family and friends.

The garden will add more beauty to the house so the people can install fence to prevent the garden. Fencing Services will protect the property in North London and it can be durable and strong. The garden will add more beauty to the house so the people can install fence to prevent the garden. Fence will protect the property and it can be durable and strong.

The Need:

The most welcoming area of your home is landscaping. A well-designed and well-managed landscape should definitely be equipped with many accessories. The beauty of your landscape relaxes and refreshes your mind in many ways. It is a great place to spend your spare time and holiday.

By fencing your garden you give a complete look. A well-planned fencing reduces the requirement of constant maintenance of the boundary. You can choose from the many options available with GreenFellas. Fencing in North London can also reduce the weed transfers and so you save your time maintaining it.

North London Fencing is the basic security for a home. It is found usually at the point of entry and Co ordinate with the walls or homes. It controls free entry, exit and enhances the privacy of your home.

There are many features and technology associated with fencing to the extent of maximum safety against many disturbing forces. They stand welcoming and doubtlessly they are a big attraction to the homes. The style and features set apart the quality of your home technology. When you choose the one with maximum protection you can benefit a discount from your insurer and also rent the house for a better deal. This also adds value to the property and fetches you an appreciated rate.


Along with the various products and the installing procedure it also offers repair services. They are the brand with great consideration to the customer needs making it easy to fix the issue anytime during the requirement. GreenFellas fence installation North London expertise in the installation procedure and as an experienced contractor for both commercial and domestic undertaking they bring out the right architecture with the well experienced workforce.

It also gives a confident feel with its fully equipped and high-end machinery which deal with the installation. The instant response is the service Fencing Installers North London offers in case you come across a fence blown down or storm damage.


GreenFellas is located in the prime location of North London with the efficient team to bring out the best service in installation and follow up. They are popular for the garden Fencing Installers North London. Their services are extended to the wide location which includes Enfield, Finchley, Barnet, Crouch End, Tottenham, Muswell Hill and Holloway.


The products, services and the guarantee offered by the brand work hand in hand to excel with extraordinary performance. Garden Fencing North London offers a lavish guarantee for the period of 10 years.

The guarantee includes all the materials and the workmanship. As a value added service the threat from the natural hazard of storms which intend to damage the fences is a well though aspect of the brand. GreenFellas undertake insurance jobs on aspects of large or small in size and for both residential and commercial properties.

It would turn out to be a great experience to get associated with this brand primarily for its technology, eye catching designs and this decorative element turns out to be an asset for the future generations to come in. We have the most expertise fencing installers to install different types of fencing and the people can choose us by getting suggestions from our past customers.

Give Greenfellas North London Garden Fencing Services a call today.

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